Published June 27th, 2024 in My Journey

It feels like hitting a wall

Sometimes it just hits you. The rest of my life I will live without a thyroid and I will depend on medication. Sometimes that is hard to deal with. How is this going to impact my life? Quite a difficult question to answer. 

Then there is the thing that my doses is quite high. The side effects I'm noticing right now are that my cycle is irregular and it could cause tiredness.... 

Not there yet

It is been already 9 months since my diagnosis. It feels like ages ago, but on the other hand, I'm not quite there yet. Still, I lack some energy (do I still need a bit more time to recover or is it a side effect?). This is really frustrating, because I want to do so many stuff. I want to enjoy the mountains, I want to bike and hike. I want to go trailrunning (well, that is another story I'm recovering from #brokenleg). 

But I'm not able to do all of that. If I want to keep everything going at home, then I have to make choices. This is always the case of course, but for me in this moment I have to take into account that I have to divide my energy over the day. That means, if there is, for example, a swimming lesson in the afternoon, I have to take it easy in the morning. 

Let me tell you, there come a point that you get tired of this and just do whatever you want to!

Let's go do the things that gives me energy!!! 

A fine balance

It didn't really turned out to be like that. My body is quite good at telling me when I do too much. The lesson is here is keep taking it easy, it will come. It really doesn't matter how long it takes, I know I will get there. Although, this lack of energy is quite hard to swallow at the moment. 

Giving it (a little) time

Well, the plan is to give it some more time, until my next checkup. This will be in August. If there is no improvement, I will talk to my physician about lowering the doses. Although there is a good reason that is so high.  

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